Should I try the Penis Augmentation Surgery? Some Useful Facts and Tips

As it happens, the majority of male population has given some thought to idea of the "penis enlargement surgery". Many of them are not happy about admitting their interest openly, but the truth remains the truth - try studying the top-list of the most popular subjects for on-line information search requests - and bingo! The subject of "penis enlargement surgery" is permanently found among the most popular information requests. Some males search for the penis enlargement facts out of pure curiosity; others are troubled by damaged self-consciousness and even embarrassed because they doubt that the length and girth of their penis would qualify in the category of "really well-hung guy". In any case, the facts openly witness: a secret longing to the length and performance of a penis is a common thing.

Upon making some on-line research into the matter of the quest for the perfect penis anyone who got interested in the issue and decided to look into the matter closely will be able to discover the existence of a vast community of males who not only wonder about the penis enlargement by surgical methods, but actually made a decision to undergo this major surgical procedure. But consider the alternative. We can compare with snoring, surgery is used instead of a special device zyppah -

The main points of the evolution of penile enlargement surgery: how the methods changed with time

When in the late 1980s the main method of the surgical penis enhancement surgery was discovered and developed by Chinese surgeon Long Daochao the techniques of surgical enhancement became to gain momentum. Notwithstanding the fact that by 1991 the penis enhancement surgery still did not have a professional organization's safety and quality guidelines, since it had not been yet monitored and endorsed neither by the American Board of Plastic Surgery nor by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, many male persons made up their minds to give it a try.

Those first patients that gave their consent to undergo some newest cosmetic penis enlargement surgery procedure should have been men of considerable determination. They actually should have had some balls to agree to become voluntary guinea pigs in their quest for a more impressive shaft. The methods that were originally tested included increase of the penis length, girth or both. They proved to be successful and in general have remained the same since that period of time.

The main procedure of the enhancement surgery is basically very simple: the objective is to make the visible part of the penis look longer by means of releasing the portion of the penis that is normally held inside the body cavity. To add this desired appearance of length, the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament that serves as a kind of anchor for the penis. As a result, the penis drops down and forward. The hidden portion stretches outward and the whole penis appears to gain additional length. However, in technical terms the actual length of the penis does not change.

Now it comes to the stage of increasing the penis circumference. To achieve this objective it is essential to obtain some fat cells. As a rule doctors harvest them from such parts of the body as buttocks or legs. Then the cells are injected into the shaft creating a thicker penis body.

Not so long ago the surgeons introduced some refinements to these techniques to widen or enhance the penis. Nowadays the fat cells are often replaced by implantation of grafts. The implant grafts are obtained from the man's own body tissues or even from donor cadavers if it is considered fit.

Is it worth its costs considering the obtained results and possible risks?

For the majority of people the entire idea of any of above-described procedures seems too difficult even to be contemplated. Nevertheless, as the current estimates show, about 18,000 men have had the surgery. It proves that still there are others with overwhelming desire to pursue their dream to change their manhood, so they do not stop even in front of some risks and considerable costs.

The surgery does hold some ricks considering a relatively limited number of surgeons who will perform it, for the moment just about 30 in the whole U.S. And the surgery shall be performed on the strict conditions of the patients' maturity, stable emotional state and positive results of the counseling, which the patient has to submit to prior to the surgery.

A lot of people suffered terribly in the outcome of the early penis enlargement surgeries, which often brought disastrous results: disfigured, freakishly misshaped penises, red and raw, and, in the worst of cases, permanently limp and impotent.

By today the operations have become less risky since the surgeons performing these procedures have acquired considerable knowledge and experience to cut down the risks. Nevertheless, as some responsible critics still point out, there are unanswered question as to the reliability and safety of the method. In some cases the surgically severed suspensory ligament leads to loss of sensation, to downward pointed erection, to total loss of support of the erect penis, which makes it look, as one of the unlucky patient notes, like 'a helicopter blade flapping around'. In the worst of cases it can lead to total impotency.

The fat-injection method that is used to increase penis girth is also not completely safe. The problem is that there is no way to predict the migration of the fat once it has been injected. And that can result in a misshaped and unappealing look of your member. In many cases fat makes a penis look like a football, concentrating around the middle of the shaft. Or it comes together in random lumps and in this case the penis appears irregularly shaped. Cases of irregular fat reabsorbtion happen too. In the end, the injected fat gives the erected penis a too soft, womanly feeling, though the erection itself is strong.

Notwithstanding somewhat decreased risks of the penis enlargement surgery, the procedure remains rather costly, a prospective patient should be ready to part with as mush as $8,000 on the average.

Will the penis enlargement surgery be best suitable for you?

The majority of potential penile surgery patients usually carefully considers all possible risks and threats of the procedure, and still are determined to carry it on. What makes them sure they have made the right choice?

What is most important, the overall health state of a candidate, both physically and mentally, should be good enough. The assessment must be done by a qualified physician. It can happen that a doctor finds out some problems with health that are contraindications for the penis surgery, for instance, high blood pressure, history of urogenital problems, etc. The specialist then recommends submitting for counseling or prescribes a course of necessary medication.

One should not forget about paramount importance of conducting a thorough study of all particulars of the penile surgery procedure. Pay extreme attention to the qualifications of individual surgeons and the history of their results.

Finally, the deepness of penis concerns of the prospective patient can be assessed only by the prospective patient himself. The key condition is to carefully make sure those risks and costs are correctly weighed against the possible benefits. One has to look at things realistically, always. You may dream of having a penis a woman would scream for, but always give consideration to a chance that the outcome could not quite match the desired conditions.

Do any safe non-surgical ways to efficiently increase male potency and power exist?

During recent years there have been some cardinal developments in the field of penis augmentation medications and the all-or-nothing nature of the situation has changed fundamentally. Instead of being of forced to make a choice between risks of penile surgery and some other methods to increase the penis, a concerned male has a whole range of actually risk-free botanical supplements and enhancements to choose from. These safe natural alternatives have been exposed to careful clinical analyses and thorough extensive tests. The doctors proved they do enhance virility and performance, and are free from possible adverse side effects! In this way they have unbelievable popularity as a successful and risk-free alternative to penile surgery.

At it happens, the preoccupation with the large penis seems to be as ancient as some powerful herbal remedies that were discovered centuries ago and have proved since that time to be a sure, risk-free relief from penis performance concerns. The herbals discovered and used by ancient folk medicine of Chinese are now blended with other powerful botanicals and components from different parts of the globe. They insure safe and powerful beneficial effects to give a suffering person exactly what he is looking for.

Most outstanding feature of these products is the precise technology for producing a medicine with exactly measured, laboratory purified, accurate mixture of the components. All VigRX pills, for instance, come from a state-of-the art pharmaceutical-grade laboratory, where the combination of ingredients and amounts is strictly controlled. That makes it possible to create harder and longer erections, increase the penis sensitivity, bring improved libido and in general make overall sexual health stronger. Some latest advanced products include VigRX Oil rub-on oil and Maxiderm patch. VigRX Oil is based on German transdermal technology and you get the almost instantaneous effects by just rubbing the oil into the skin of genitals. The advanced Maxiderm patch product is a transdermal application too. You get the same beneficial effect of improved male potency as with VigRXPlus, but you do not have to worry about taking pills, all you have to do is to apply the patch!

There is a topic related to that of penis enhancement, which often makes men feel shy and inadequate - it is the problem of the amount and quality of ejaculate they produce. This topic is addressed by a new Semenax product. This is all-natural oral supplement developed to help those concerned to achieve larger volumes of ejaculated semen, more vigorous sperm, and give more satisfying and sensual orgasms.

So, the bottom line is as follows

One of the wisest things to do while deciding if penis augmentation surgery is right for you would be visiting your doctor and discussing this matter in detail. Extra information from a professional will always be of great help to you.

Any undertakings, as risky and expensive as penile surgery, demand as much research into the matter as possible before trying it out. That will ask for extra time and energy. For this reason most candidates for the surgery make a decision to give a try to less expensive and safer natural methods, such as all-natural penis augmentation medications.

It goes without saying that all-natural penis enhancement supplements are well worth trying out before committing to surgery. On the other hand, as studies show, there is a minority of users to whom they do not bring the desired effects. All people and their bodies are different, and though natural method works for most of men, there will all be those who find better results with some other method. As for the clinical comparisons of the various penis enlargement methods - unfortunately, there have been no research data available so far.

Before giving preference to this or that way of treatment, spend some time on reading and doing research to help guide you. Plenty of information is always the key. Get a professional advice. And if still not certain which way to go, remember, the natural method will work fine in almost 100% of cases, and you will always be on the safe side!